APTAL Gloabal (AG) services both local domestic markets, as well as countries across the Asia-Pacific region and further afield.

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Transport, Logistics and Warehouse

We offer international logistics services to freight and hold materials cost-effectively.

Broad Range of Products

Our products include post-industrial, post-consumer and production wastage.

Sample Provisioning and Testing

We offer services in provisioning and testing raw materials and plastics samples.


Astron Sustainability

AE has delivered several significant commercial projects based on global commodity prices for recycled plastic resin.

With a strong business sense and thinking AE deals with issues laterally in a direct manner that is conducive to the right outcome.

AE is highly professional, honest, and transparent. General Manager, Sales & Marketing VIC, NSW


MATRIX Polymers

Our long-term commercial relationship comes with AE value-added services.

Excellent in the supply of recycled plastics to our Brisbane unit and pivoting to market fluctuation.

Know-how and adaptability to pricing pressures and the general market conditions for recycled products make it easy to
work with AE.


Bringing Industry Expertise

We combine our expertise of materials markets with the clients' knowledge of their specific product and niche..
Our goal is to offer our clients sustainable and high-quality alternatives to plastic products, by sourcing from all across Australia and further afield.