Aptal Global team with a wide range of experience in import and export projects of various products, with a specialised focus on plastic raw materials.

We are a boutique trading company, operating across domestic and overseas markets. Our goal is to offer our clients sustainable and high-quality alternatives to plastic products, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We assist Various countries in Asia, Middle East and Europe leading plastic manufacturers and recyclers during their conversion of waste into reusable raw materials; this involves providing feedstock and identifying the ideal buyer for the client.

Our capabilities include a global reach, fleet, warehousing and storage, expertise, and project management. We have been a critical player in interfacing between various businesses, with our global network of buyers and suppliers.

Our work involves a thorough assessment of the supplier's products for quality and compliance, to ensure a consistently high and proven degree of customer satisfaction.

When several suppliers offer the same product, we provide these options to our clients so they can make an informed decision according to price, quality and logistical needs. We monitor each project closely, from shipment to delivery to the client, and our shipping can be tailored according to individual needs and shipping regulations, such as loose loading, bulk cargo or pelletising.

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Transport, Logistics and Warehouse

We offer international logistics services to freight and hold materials cost-effectively.

Broad Range of Products

Our products include post-industrial, post-consumer and production wastage.

Sample Provisioning and Testing

We offer services in provisioning and testing raw materials and plastics samples.


Astron Sustainability

AE has delivered several significant commercial projects based on global commodity prices for recycled plastic resin.

With a strong business sense and thinking AE deals with issues laterally in a direct manner that is conducive to the right outcome.

AE is highly professional, honest, and transparent. General Manager, Sales & Marketing VIC, NSW


MATRIX Polymers

Our long-term commercial relationship comes with AE value-added services.

Excellent in the supply of recycled plastics to our Brisbane unit and pivoting to market fluctuation.

Know-how and adaptability to pricing pressures and the general market conditions for recycled products make it easy to
work with AE.


Polymers for Plastic Production

AE offers a wide spectrum of polymer resins for your plastic production requirements.
Our products consist of post-industrial, post-consumer and production wastage.

Post consumed and Excess stock




Warehousing & Transport